Who we are

We are an intimate private network of like-minded people with a preference for the beautiful and exclusive things in life. Our community is built on trust.
As we follow the principle “Quality over Quantity”, every member of our community is personally verified. Our reliable process guarantees a community with an exceptional high standard.

We share and receive access to personal recommendations and special opportunities.
We practice social arbitrage, a constant open exchange of favours and trusted intelligence.
We open backdoors, supply personal insights, give and receive acces to unique opportunities.
Our community consists of influencers, tastemakers, creators and leaders. We are all willing to share our knowledge, passion and contacts to help other members thrive.

How it came together

anexclusiveworld.net was born in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
After an ice-cold, but spectacular horse racing event we, four longstanding friends with different professional backgrounds, had dinner in a cozy restaurant. While at table, we were talking about the hotspots all around the world, previous exciting events and the huge network we are able to rely on when we are in need of something that is exclusive or hard to get.

Days, months later we stumbled upon the same recognizable pattern: we are all willing to actively share our network, support each other while obtaining similar opportunities as well as specific, personal recommendations or professional advice. All that within a trusted surrounding.
During that period of time a growing group of trusted people, sort of a small community, established. Due to the increasing interest and the growing number of requests we decided to take it to a more professional level and become an international platform where we allow our members to share within a trusted community.